The Horses

The horses are at the core of any Equine Assisted Therapy program.
Just as participants come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of abilities and challenges, we need horses in various shapes and sizes with differing skills.
However, all of our horses share one thing – their calm and gentle disposition.

The Participants

We refer to participants as “patients” or “clients” depending on the goals/focus of their program.


The Volunteers

If the horses are the heart of the program, the volunteers are the SOUL!!!!!
Without volunteers, there are no Equine Assisted Therapy programs!


The Therapists

The therapists are licensed in Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy , and Mental Health Professionals and have additional, specific training in Equine Assisted Therapies.


The Therapeutic Riding Instructors

Instructors are Certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH Intl.) and participate in on-going trainings.


Family, Caregivers, and other Supportive People

Family members/caregivers and other support people from the community are integral in the development of a need-specific and success-oriented program for each individual client/ patient.

STS encourages participation by family members, etc.
Benefits to the patients/clients positively affect family members, caregivers, and those in the support  network. Some of the benefits include:
As a participant develops physical skills and self-reliance, daily burdens are eased
As a participant’s anger and frustration are eased, the responsibilities/duties of the caregivers, etc. are also eased
Meeting other families/caregivers in similar situations allows for opportunities to share information, encouragement, and support

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